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                              M Series Product Family

                              Wired microphones for live performances, studio applications and broadcast use
                              • Natural sound
                              • Rugged construction
                              • Made in germany

                              M Series

                              Wired Microphones for live performances,  studio applications and broadcast use.

                              The cult microphones of the beyerdynamic M Series combine outstanding sound characteristics with rugged quality in characteristical shape. Hardly another microphone is linked to the history of rock and roll in quite the way that for example our ribbon microphone M 160 or the dynamic model M 88 TG is.

                              COMPACT AND RUGGED CONSTRUCTION

                              Made in Germany

                              The M Series microphones stand for a genuine, natural sound. Every M Series microphone is carefully handcrafted at beyerdynamic’s headquarter in Germany. We manufacture using only the finest mechanical and electronic components and rock solid materials.

                              BEYERDYNAMIC - I AM PRO - DEPECHE MODE ANTONY KING

                              Antony King / Sound Engineer / Live Sound / Depeche Mode beyerdynamic meets Antony King, the FOH technician behind the Global Spirit Tour, at the spectacular stadium concert of Depeche Mode in Prague.